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Holly Seaton

Holly Seaton

Facilitator and Coach

Based in Sonoma, California

Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®

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Holly Seaton has a passion for helping leaders and their teams build the professional and personal resilience needed for leadership excellence. She partners with leaders to help them move from intent to action.

When working with leaders in sessions, she draws from her years of experience in healthcare, education, and management, enabling leaders to bring their best to their work, constituents, community, and families. Leaders especially appreciate her insights as a consulting psychologist into the biology of behavior and leadership—called “neuro-leadership”—and why we do things and how we can do things differently. Her workshops are full of calm, insightful wisdom.

As a coach, Holly listens and provokes thought to help leaders give voice to their values and actions to their visions. She becomes their trusted leadership advisor with her skillful communication and practical insights. Leaders of all levels appreciate her warmth and enthusiasm for their personal and professional improvement.

Holly has a doctorate in psychology, a master’s degree in human development, and a university scholar designation from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a credentialed Executive and Leadership Coach, a family business advisor, and also holds licensure as an individual and family therapist and registered nurse practitioner. Holly is an independent contractor with FlashPoint.